Rural Financial Counselling Service Victoria – North West

Rural Financial Counselling Service Victoria – North West, is a free financial counselling service for farmers and small farm businesses in North West Victoria.

Our Rural Financial Counsellors can work with you to provide information and develop options, while you make the decisions.

Rural Financial Counsellors are available to meet with you on your farm, at your business, or elsewhere if required.

The service is free and independent. Confidentiality is assured.

Give us a call today on 1300 769 489

** UPDATE** Read the advice from our Executive Officer outlining our commitment to you going forward in light of the COVID-19 pandemic here


About Us

We assist farm enterprises ranging from broad acre farming, livestock, mixed farming, dairy, forestry and all manners of irrigated horticulture. We assist ‘Small Agriculture Dependent Business’, defined as a rural business that employs no more than 10 full-time equivalent (38 hours per week) employees and provides the majority of its services to farmers and is directly involved in primary production (for example, fencing, harvesting, spraying or stock management). If your farming enterprise is struggling with debt, and there is added concern with the impact of drought, a Rural Financial Counsellor can help with:

Rural Financial Counsellors can provide you with the tools to make informed financial and business decisions, in the changeable and demanding environment for farming. Information given to Counsellors is treated in the strictest confidence.


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My Rural Financial Counsellor helped me learn how to draw up budgets on spreadsheets and how to create and stick to a realistic budget.

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It’s great to have someone who can work through the paperwork and know what to do – the process of applying for funding otherwise can be very daunting.

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Our Rural Financial Counsellor was extremely helpful and had a real handle on where the business was at & how to move it forward.

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I found our Rural Financial Counsellor to be amazing at his job. I felt that he went over and above with the quality of his time and knowledge.

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Great people & great help.


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